Halo Infinite microtransactions to be improved next week

The multiplayer of Halo Infinite has featured some wonderful gunplay and has been an absolute blast, so it’s a shame that steep prices for ‘meh’ microtransactions and bundles, have made shopping for customization a lackluster experience.

Next week, 343 Industries intends to change things to coincide with the launch of the Cyber Showdown multiplayer event.

Responding to player feedback and store metrics about Infinite’s lackluster multiplayer customization, head of design Jerry Hook took to Twitter to say that beginning next week on January 18, they’re changing up the shop experience, focusing on lowering prices across the board, as well as offering more individual items outside of bundles and increasing the value of store bundles. Lowering prices and offering more individual items and better bundles would be a welcome change, and it’s a sign that 343 Industries is listening and responding to player feedback. 

Halo Infinite marks a turning point for the franchise, with the premium shooter entering the free-to-play fray, but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Glacial XP progression soured the first impression of some players. The first big multiplayer event, the samurai-themed Fracture: Tenrai, was marred by a disappointing free battlepass with few unique unlocks and numerous boring consumables, while many of the cool cosmetics shown off in the event trailer ended up not materializing or showing up in pricey store bundles. Big Team Battles, the most “Halo” of Infinite’s multiplayer modes, is beset with connectivity and stability issues, which is a shame, as the 12v12 Spartan shootouts are an absolute riot when you do manage to get one going.

Halo Infinite microtransactions

To their credit, 343 has been responsive to feedback. Changes to daily XP gains made the free-to-play and Season 1 battlepass grind a lot more bearable, and a much improved second iteration of Fracture: Tenrai gave players a better event battlepass with more cosmetic unlocks and less consumables just wrapped up last week. 

We’ll see how the changes to the microtransactions pan out when Halo Infinite refreshes the cosmetic items store at PST noon on Patch Tuesday, January 18, which also marks the start of the next multiplayer event, Cyber Showdown. Now if they could get the Big Team Battles mode working reliably again, I’d be one very happy Spartan.