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Halo Infinite multiplayer
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Halo Infinite draws from the deep history of the franchise while introducing some potential new favorites to ensure the multiplayer open beta features some of the best weapons. Iconic staples like the UNSC assault rifle and the Sangheili energy sword are here as well as a smorgasbord of new toys from the Banished. 

With the multiplayer release just a few days old, the entire meta is still up in the air, but here’re the best weapons for different situations in Halo Infinite.

The Top Tier – The very best weapons of Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite best weapons
The BR75 Battle Rifle from Misriah Armory

Battle Rifle 

The Battle Rifle is a bread and butter weapon that delivers a precision three round burst fire making it useful at mid to long range, while still dealing respectable burst damage up close. Scoped shots provide precision fire, and the BR doesn’t lose much accuracy even when fired from the hip. Ranked Arena players will need to learn the ins and outs of this marksman rifle, as Ranked mode starts you off with the BR instead of the trusty UNSC Assault Rifle. Lucky it’s such a useful gun.

Tip: Learning the rhythm of BR shots can help you to dodge incoming fire accordingly.

SPNKR missile launcher

The UNSC’s SPNKR missile launcher is a wildly powerful weapon that comes in a twin tube package, allowing you to place two missiles in rapid succession or reserve a second warhead for a follow up shot. Whether used to knock out vehicles and clumps of Spartans in Big Team Battles, or used to deliver a hammer blow in Ranked, the Spnkr’s one-shot kill potential and area of effect splash make it a game changer when it drops.

Tip: In Ranked, pay attention to the announcer calling out a SPNKR weapon drop. There’s sure to be a fight over its spawn point.


While the UNSC sniper rifle still takes the prize for extreme range one shot kills, the Banished Skewer combines anti-material and sniping rifle roles in one brutal package. The Skewer deals big damage on vehicles, while still delivering devastating one shot kills on hapless Spartans who happen to stray into your sights. Honestly it’s a toss up between the two, but we favor the versatility of the Skewer over the follow up shots of the sniper rifle.

Tip: The Skewer only holds one spike, so you have to reload after every pull of the trigger. You won’t get follow up shots, so make every spike count.

The Skewer, an anti-tank weapon employed by The Banished


A murderous close combat energy weapon, the Heatwave is the latest incarnation of the Forerunner shotgun and is excellent in close quarters. The Heatwave’s bolts can ricochet off walls for wild killing potential in tight spaces, and pressing the zoom button can switch the Heatwave’s choke from a horizontal to vertical firing pattern, giving the Heatwave versatility.

Tip: In one on one engagements, the vertical choke mode can deal massive damage, stripping shields and killing in two well-placed shots. Use the horizontal choke for wilder team fire situations.

The Energy Sword

The classic Sangheili energy blade is the pinnacle of close-in death-dealing. While the Brute Gravity Hammer can hit targets in an area, the energy blade’s high damage and forgiving forward lunge give you maximum odds of landing a killing blow on a single target. This makes it one of the best melee weapons in Halo Infinite

Tip: Active camo for stealth kills is a classic combo, but the new grappling hook also gives you the ability to pull yourself towards a target, especially if they feel safe on high ground. Beware enemies armed with the Repulsor armor ability though, as well timed knockbacks can absolutely defang you.

Honorable mentions:

Assault Rifle: The old standby, the Assault Rifle is excellent at unleashing a constant stream of fire at close to mid-range, but the Battle Rifle’s versatility leaves the AR behind in more situations.

The MA40 Assault Rifle from Misriah Armory

Cindershot: A Forerunner weapon that can be set to bounce grenades or spit seeking explosives, the Cindershot can be devastating if you learn its modal quirks, but it’s hard to compete with the SPNKR for sheer explosive power.

Sniper Rifle: If the Skewer didn’t do double duty as a sniper rifle and antivehicle weapon, this would be up there, and the UNSC sniper rifle’s box magazine still gives you better follow up shots, making this better for raw anti-Spartan duty.

Gravity Hammer: In big team battles where you’re more likely to get clumps of players or vehicles, the Grav Hammer’s area effect can be more noticeable than the sword. Note the slower swing and shorter lunge, and go crack some skulls.

Situational use:

Disruptor Pistol: While the Banished Disruptor pistol isn’t a high yield weapon, it does leave lingering shock damage that can stun vehicles. Skip this sidearm for infantry battles, but consider it when vehicles come into play.

Ravager: The Banished Ravager fires a burst of three plasma explosives that burst on contact, and if you hold fire, the Ravager can instead fire one large arcing projectile that leaves a pool of flames on impact that gives you area control ability.

Halo Infinite best weapons
Jiralhanae captain wielding a Ravager

Plasma Pistol: The plasma pistol has lost the ability to stun vehicles, but its charged shot is still devastating against shields. The ‘noob combo’ of firing a charged plasma bolt and then swapping to a finishing weapon is much derided, but still effective.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is currently free-to-play and can be fired up on a wide array of devices, including PC via the Microsoft Store or on Steam and on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Cloud Gaming.