Halo Infinite guide to grenades

Grenades are among some of the key pieces of kit you use in Halo Infinite. If you’re looking to master the art of the thrown offense in Halo Infinite, this guide to grenades is for you.

Keep in mind though, that it’s hard to rate these grenades into tiers, so instead this guide lays out the different ways they can be used in the field. Whereas most multiplayer games are content to restrict grenades to “element type go boom,” Halo Infinite takes a more tactical approach, with each grenade behaving differently and our guide to grenades reflects that.

Halo Infinite grenades guide

Frag Grenades

The UNSC standard, fragmentation grenades will be your bread and butter, with decent blast radius and damage. Don’t expect a total kill with a single grenade, but one can finish off a damaged foe, or soften up a target on the attack, and two in quick succession can claim the unwary. Frags can bounce, so you can bank them off walls to attack from unexpected angles. A slight delay before exploding can also give targets time to run off, so throw where you think they will be, not where they are.

Halo Infinite grenades guide

Plasma Grenades

The classic Covenant plasma grenades are as deadly as ever, and retain their trademark “stickiness”. A good throw can stick a plasma grenade on a target, which can be a death sentence for anything not protected by an overshield. Plasma grenades feature a much softer bounce and don’t have as big a blast radius, so a more accurate throw is required.

Spike Grenades

A signature weapon of the Jiralhanae or Brutes, the spike grenade’s hooks let it stick on anything: Spartans, vehicles, and terrain. Instead of exploding in a blast of energy, the spike grenades unleash a shower of rebounding shrapnel. Spike grenades come into their own in tight quarters where ricochets can devastate multiple foes.

Dynamo Grenades

A new weapon in the arsenal of the Banished, dynamo grenades emit coruscating arcs of shock damage. While they don’t have the massive burst damage of other grenades, dynamos add two major functions to your arsenal: area denial in objective and capflag games, and disabling enemy vehicles with shock damage.

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