Halo Infinite guide to Battle Pass 1, ‘Heroes of Reach’

Halo Infinite impressions

If you’ve played other games with a Battle Pass – or any other form of content passport, grind ticket, unlock ladder – like Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone or Fortnite, then Halo Infinite progression will feel all too familiar. The Battle Pass initially received a wave of negative feedback, but that has less to do with what’s on it and more to do with the stingy XP rewards for playing.

The best thing about the Battle Pass is that you don’t have to FOMO. Just as Final Fantasy XIV actively encourages you to spend time away from the game, Halo Infinite encourages you to play at your own pace, as the Battle Pass never goes away. That means if you haven’t unlocked all the rewards you wanted by May 2022, which is when the current season ends, you can keep progressing anyway.

When Season 2 rolls around, you’ll simply have to choose which Battle Pass you want to make progress on by selecting an ‘active’ Pass between all the ones available. Unfortunately, you might very well find yourself grinding an old Pass while a current Pass awaits, given how progression works. Daily and weekly challenges are how you progress, but they take some work and XP rewards are tiny.

Fortunately, 343 Industries has announced that changes will be coming and continue to be made to make challenges less discouraging.

What changes were announced for the Halo Infinite Battle Pass?

  • A new Daily Challenge automatically awarding 50 XP for completing the first match of the day.
  • Some of the more annoying Weekly Challenges will be removed.
  • Others will have their difficulty dialed back so players can complete them faster.
  • Double XP boosters will now last for an hour instead of just 30 minutes.
  • This week’s current Ultimate Reward, the Sigil Mark VII Visor, will be given away to everyone for free between Nov 23 – Nov 30.

Hopefully that will mean you’ll have an easier time unlocking all 100 tiers, whether you’re on the free or paid premium tracks. You’ll get plenty of cosmetics such as weapon skins and armor coatings.

How much is the Halo Infinite Battle Pass?

The Halo Infinite Battle Pass is free, with rewards available to you as you progress even without a premium track. To get on the premium track, where the juicier rewards are, you’ll have to pay 1,000 credits for $9.99.

To get a 25-tier boost, you’ll have to pay 2800 credits, which comes to around $28 worth of credits, though trying to get that exact amount in the credit store is not possible. You’ll have to buy an uneven amount of credits and that’s common trickery from videogames to get you to spend more than you need to get what you want.

While I would never encourage anyone to pay for premium content, microtransactions or – shudder – loot boxes, I do think it’s worth noting that getting a premium track bears no risk of you losing all the unclaimed rewards at the end of the season. That being said, I don’t recommend getting more than the premium Battle Pass.

Halo Infinite Battle Pass
1FUI epic backdropFree
1Mark V (B) epic armor kitPremium
2UA / Type B1 rare helmet attachmentPremium
3UA / DO-01-CCR Breaching Kit epic chestPremium
3Challenge swapFree
4UA / P1DA Bracer rare wristPremium
5Blure rampage epic coatingPremium
5Challenge swapFree
6Bryce rare visorFree
6Challenge swapFree
7SAP / EVA rare left shoulder padPremium
8SAP / EVA rare right shoulder padPremium
8Challenge swapFree
9TAC / RS / Willow rare helmet attachmentPremium
10EVA epic helmetPremium
11Stone Green rare coatingFree
11XP boostPremium
12TAC / MAT-2519C Communicator epic chestPremium
13TAC / MC5 Tacpad epic wristPremium
13Challenge swapFree
14Noble Principle epic coatingPremium
15Commando epic helmetPremium
15Challenge swapFree
16Calm Blossom rare stanceFree
16XP boostPremium
17Noble epic visorPremium
18HUL (3) / BNR / Courier Pearl epic helmet attachmentPremium
18Challenge swapFree
19Noble Command epic stancePremium
20Carter-A259 KitFree
21Util / Enav Beacon rare chestFree
21XP boostPremium
22Noble epic nameplatePremium
23Noble epic charmPremium
23Challenge swapFree
24UA / DO-06-FGM Tactical Kit rare chestPremium
25FCI / Fascia legendary helmet attachmentPremium
25Challenge swapFree
26Vandal epic visorFree
26XP boostPremium
27TAC / SRT UGPS epic wristPremium
28System of Systems epic backdropPremium
28Challenge swapFree
29TAC / T-Mags rare chestPremium
30Aviator rare helmetPremium
31Ancient Code epic colourFree
31XP boostPremium
32SAP / SNP legendary left shoulder padPremium
33SAP / SNP legendary right shoulder padPremium
33Challenge swapFree
34Noble Observer epic coatingPremium
35Scout epic helmetPremium
35Challenge swapFree
36Lumu rare AI modelFree
36XP boostPremium
37HUL-I / RS / Argon legendary helmet attachmentPremium
38UTIL / Desert Patrol epic chestPremium
38Challenge swapFree
39Noble Strike epic stancePremium
40Challenge swapFree
Halo Infinite Battle Pass
41Tempest Lilac rare coatingFree
41XP boostPremium
42Noble epic emblemPremium
43TAC / Recon Package rare chestPremium
44Search and Assess rare stancePremium
45Recon legendary helmetPremium
45Challenge swapFree
46UA / Agathius epic left shoulder padFree
46XP boostPremium
47MK59E CBRN / Glance epic helmet attachmentPremium
48Challenger epic glovePremium
48Challenge swapFree
49Critical Path epic backdropPremium
49UA / Agathius epic right shoulder padFree
50Judgement Phoenix legendary kill effectPremium
50Challenge swapFree
51Dynasty epic visorFree
51XP boostPremium
52UA / Type FJ epic kneepadPremium
53M45 Hardcase epic hip attachmentPremium
53Challenge swapFree
54Noble Intercessor epic coatingPremium
55Air Assault epic helmetPremium
55Challenge swapFree
56Ghost Grey epic coatingFree
56XP boostPremium
57Noble epic emblemPremium
58TAC / RS / Starlight epic helmet attachmentPremium
58Challenge swapFree
59Noble Confidence epic stancePremium
60Catherine-B320 Kit legendary armour kitPremium
60Challenge swapFree

61Kill Count epic backdropFree
61XP boostPremium
62SAP / ODST rare left shoulder padPremium
63SAP / ODST rare right shoulder padPremium
63Challenge swapFree
64Helljumper rare visorPremium
65ODST epic helmetPremium
65Challenge swapFree
66Karaba Sirocco rare coatingFree
66XP boostPremium
67UA / ODST rare chestPremium
68Keep It Clean rare charmPremium
68Challenge swapFree
69Super Tone legendary colourPremium
70Superintendent legendary AI modelPremium
70Challenge swapFree
71UA / M557 Jackplate rare chestFree
71XP boostPremium
72UA / Type JOR epic kneepadPremium
73UA / Vauntlock legendary chestPremium
73Challenge swapFree
74Noble Defender epic coatingPremium
75Grenadier epic helmetPremi
75Challenge swapFree
76Noble Portal epic coatingFree
76XP boostPremium
77Stalwart legendary visorPremium
78Challenge swapFree
78UA / Type E3 rare helmet attachmentPremium
79Noble Justice legendary stancePremium
80Jorge-052 Kit legendary armor kitPremium
Halo Infinite Battle Pass
81Trailblazer epic helmetFree
82SAP / MKVI epic right shoulder padPremium
83SAP / MKVI epic left shoulder padPremium
83Challenge swapFree
84FCI-I Airwolf epic helmet attachmentFree
84Mark VI epic helmetPremium
85Judgement Mantle legendary armour FXPremium
85Challenge swapFree
86Claw Marks rare backdropFree
86XP boostPremium
87M10 Tactical Soft Case rare hip attachmentPremium
88Tac / CASC epic wristPremium
88Challenge swapFree
89UA / M550D Halfplate rare chestFree
89Noble Executioner epic coatingPremium
90EVA [C] legendary helmetPremium
90Challenge swapFree
91Special Delivery legendary stanceFree
91XP boostPremium
92Visigoth rare visorPremium
93Tac / Sapper Rig epic chestPremium
93Challenge swapFree
94Dragoon epic visorFree
94Noble Fury epic stancePremium
95Emile-A239 Kit legendary armor kitPremium
95Challenge swapFree
96Mark VII legendary helmetFree
96XP boostPremium
97Judgement Helm legendary armour FXPremium
97Challenge swapFree
98UA / Armet legendary helmet attachmentFree
98MIA rare visorPremium
99Redacted Records epic coatingPremium
99Challenge swapFree
100UA / Type II-A1 Buckler legendary wristFree
100Judgement Flame legendary mythic effect setPremium