Halo Infinite finally shows off campaign and new villains

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A new video has dropped for Halo Infinite, giving us a new look at the story of the single player campaign mode for the latest installment in 343 Industries‘ Reclaimer Saga. In a 6 minute presentation, we’re given a taste of the new open world system, as well as The Banished, a Covenant splinter faction that forms the bulk of the Master Chief’s foes in the latest Halo title.

On the mysterious Zeta Halo, Spartan-117 wakes in the aftermath of a devastating ambush. The Banished have routed UNSC forces above the shattered fragments of Zeta Halo and have seized control of the installation. You’ll step into the Master Chief’s olive drab power armor to begin retaking the fragmented ringworld, and the first order of business will be reuniting with John’s new AI partner, “The Weapon,” who was created to lock down and neutralize the renegade Cortana.

Halo Infinite campaign
“I was created to lock down Cortana, but what did she do that was so wrong?”

The Halo Infinite campaign overview also gives us a few more lines of banter between John and The Weapon, who has a childlike personality that makes for a marked contrast to the more sardonic voice of Cortana. It will also be interesting to see the connection between the two constructs, as The Weapon has a striking resemblance to her predecessor.

The video also gives us a taste of the shattered landscape of the Zeta Halo, also known as Installation 07, a damaged Halo ring that has already played a storied role in Halo’s prehistory. The Chief and The Weapon are going to be fighting a guerilla campaign in the ringworld’s surface, blasting their way through the many fortresses and outposts The Banished have erected throughout the ring while liberating UNSC captives and calling down weapons and vehicles from your few allies. 

Halo Infinite campaign map

A short segment also showcases the armor upgrade system, reminiscent of skill systems in other open world titles like Far Cry, while the tail end of the trailer also teases some of the new foes that will stand in the Master Chief’s way, from the agile Skimmers (who appear to be Unggoy or Grunts equipped with jetpacks), a black-armored Spartan-hunting elite named Jega ‘Rdomnai, and a cryptic new foe called the Herald of Truth, who seems to know more of the hidden story of the Forerunners and the Zeta Halo.

This campaign overview might not be the last bit of promotion we’ll see from Microsoft and 343 Industries — there are still many weeks till Halo Infinite launches on December 8, but it is the final piece of information that previously remained shrouded in mystery. We’re excited for more, and are eagerly looking forward to when Halo Infinite launches on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and as a day one release on Xbox Game Pass.