Halo Infinite design head leaves 343 Industries

Not long after the launch of Halo Infinite Season 2, Lone Wolves, head of design Jerry Hook announced his departure from 343 Industries via Twitter.

“Today marks my last day at 343i, Microsoft and Halo.  This journey has been filled with creating new worlds, platforms and products from Xbox, Xbox Live to Halo. Most of all it has been working alongside some of the most passionate and driven people in the industry, that have impacted millions of players around the world. Thank you to all that have let me run alongside you in this amazing industry. And thank you to this community.”

Hook then ended the thread by quoting Thomas Edison, “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we could literally astound ourselves.”

Hook was responsible for the design of many core systems in Halo Infinite. which helped lead the game to reach over 20 million players. Earlier in his career, Hook also helped build and maintain Xbox Live during the early days of Microsoft’s console which allowed countless players around the world to play Halo together online. 

Despite the success of Halo Infinite, there have been several high profile departures from 343 Industries. In January this year, Aaron Linde, the former narrative lead on Halo Infinite, announced he would be leaving the studio for a new role at Riot Games. Another high profile departure was the game’s Multiplayer Lead Andrew Witts who eventually found a position at Epic Games Seattle as a Lead Gameplay Designer on Fortnite. 

Halo Infinite design

I’m beginning to wonder what is going on at 343 Industries to lead to such departures. Although Halo Infinite is largely regarded as a return to form for the franchise, post launch content has felt bare and Spartans across the world remain hungry for improvements and features to keep the game a fresh and vital experience.