Hades tops Metacritic chart for Xbox Series X

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Less than a week after its arrival on consoles, the critically acclaimed roguelite Hades tops Metacritic charts for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. It is now the highest rated game on the review aggregation site for both current-gen consoles.

At a 94 score on Metacritic, Hades has pulled in an aggregated rating that beats that of Microsoft Flight Simulator (90), It Takes Two (89) and Tetris Effect: Connected (88). Effectively speaking this makes Hades the highest rated game on Xbox Game Pass, especially after the departure of GTA V from the service. Still, it’s no mean feat on a service that has at present — checks notes — 484 unique games.

It’s worth noting though that if one were to account for Xbox One games playable on the Series X, Hades would rank alongside Celeste (94) and just above Resident Evil 2 (93) while still falling behind Red Dead Redemption II (97) and Metal Gear Solid V (95).

Additionally, the game’s Metacritic standing on PlayStation 5 version has it at a score of 93. As with the Xbox Series X, it’s at the top of the chart for Sony’s console and in a class above the likes of Demon’s Souls (92), Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 (90) and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (89).

Of course, it’s important to remind readers that Metacritic scores are simply a data point, a sampling of disparate opinions from various critics about a single video game. That Hades tops Metacritic is not indicative of a consensus opinion nor does that fact alone make any meaningful qualitative statements about what makes a great videogame.

In our review of Hades for Xbox Outsider, I had this to say: “Unlike so many other modern action games, Hades doesn’t layer your experience with scads of randomly generated murder treasures to make your numbers go up. Instead it marries some impressive hack and slash action with well thought out weapons, boons and aspects that combine to create infinite possibilities.”

Hades is currently available for Windows 10 PCs and Xbox consoles and is also on Xbox Game Pass.