Grounded director Adam Brennecke celebrates launch with Phil Spencer

At Gamescom last week, a celebration was held by Obsidian Entertainment and Xbox for Grounded which is set for its 1.0 launch on September 27, 2022.

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer and Grounded director Adam Brennecke had a casual chat over a few points of interest in Grounded. Together they recalled the time spent throughout early access while looking forward to the upcoming final update before the full release.

The unique survival game has evolved and expanded throughout its time from its initial early access debut two years ago to how it’s now approaching the final release on the 27th of September, 2022. Already the game has over 10 million players now and continues to grow. 

With only one month to go, Obsidian has now also released the final early access update, 0.14.0 update, which is lovingly called the “Home Stretch” update. It contains numerous changes such as new features, new updates, improvements and plenty of bugs squashed. (No pun intended, I hope — ed.)

Players can now play alone or with friends seamlessly with the new Shared Worlds feature. Players can host three shared worlds at a time and be part of 50 different worlds. New Style and Tough nuggets are now available for upgrading armors and weapons. To complement this change, resource requirements have been significantly reduced to make it easier to upgrade your gear as you venture out in the wilds. 

Aside from the Shared Worlds and Armor Upgrading, Timelapses are now available which will let players pass the time as you rest.  In addition, the cookery has been updated as well and you can now own a pet Gnat. Those are just the highlights, but to get a full read on what’s changed, you can check out the complete patch notes here.

Grounded launch

Grounded remains available ahead of its launch on Game Pass through its Game Preview mode for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.