Grid Legends Nemesis system will be its spiciest feature

Grid Legends’ Nemesis system will mark the return of one of the series’ spiciest feature, though don’t expect to see any orc chiefs on the track. Kidding aside, the Nemesis system shouldn’t be confused with the feature of the same name from WB Games’ Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and its sequel Shadow of War, though they are similar.

In 2019’s Grid, the Nemesis system was how the game tracked your behavior towards other drivers on the track. If you mess with a single driver repeatedly on the track, their car gets marked as your Nemesis on the race. Your Nemesis will reciprocate your behavior by trying to knock you off the track during a challenging turn or trade paint with you by shoving you to the sides of the track.

The feature made Grid feel more alive, even if it was all just AI and scripting. It made you feel like there was a real human racer with actual resentment and contempt towards you, but without the obscenities.

According to developer Codemasters, some changes will be made. “We have evolved the system to be more persistent on and offline,” Grid Legends game director Chris Smith told GameSpot. “We will talk more about this when we start to deep dive into our online experience.”

Grid Legends Nemesis system

Another way that Grid Legends is changing up the series formula is through its inclusion of a Story mode. That would be an interesting place to implement the Nemesis feature, maybe even expand it so that you develop a career rival. However, Smith did not confirm whether Grid Legends’ Nemesis system would appear in the Story mode.

At EA Play Live 2021, Codemasters revealed other new modes, teased as “Boost” and “Elimination.” Smith said, “Our new to franchise electric vehicles can activate a boost during a race to use tactically, we have two varieties of this mode which we will dive into later in the year,” while Elimination would be a “last vehicle standing game mode” where stragglers get timed out for elimination from the race.

Grid Legends is scheduled for launch on Xbox and Windows 10 PCs in 2022.