Gears of War 6 story and campaign development has begun

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While reports are that The Coalition might be working on a new IP, that’s no reason to believe that it’s not currently working on the next Gears of War, Gears 6. A series of job postings at the Microsoft site indicate that the Vancouver-based Xbox studio is um, gearing up for development of Gears 6 and its narrative campaign.

A post for Lead Mission Designer is in search of an individual “with a proven track record of delivering highly engaging, high-quality campaign experiences in games,” and says that the hired applicant would “work with the Campaign Director and the Level Design Team to design the campaign experience, its pacing, its rewards, and the features that surround it.”

Other positions listed for Coalition’s Gears of War team include Senior Character Artist, Senior Multiplayer Designer, Tools and Pipeline Engineer and Senior Gameplay Designer. It’s slightly disconcerting to learn that this many pivotal roles need to be filled, but it could simply be a matter getting new talent to complete existing groundwork. Just a few months ago, the studio was in search of a Motion Capture Technician to work on the game.

Gears 6 campaign

It’s safe to assume that the campaign for Gears 6 would directly follow up on the events of 2019’s Gears 5, with characters like Kait Diaz, Fahz Chutani, Marcus Fenix, Damon Baird and more expected to return. That game ended on a cliffhanger with the promise of a reckoning with the Swarm Queen, Reyna, as well as a major choice that could affect the progression of its canon.

Since Gears 6 hasn’t formally been announced, there is no scheduled release date for the game. Last year, The Coaltion announced that it had begun the transition to Unreal Engine 5, stating that “we will not be announcing any new projects or titles for some time.” Since then, the studio has shown a few tech demos but it’s unlikely we’ll hear about Gears until next year.