Game Pass price cut in Hong Kong, Chile and Israel

A Game Pass price cut is imminent for three different regions: Chile, Hong Kong and Israel. Microsoft announced to various media outlets like GameSpot and Video Games Chronicle that the price of the beloved bottomless games service will be going down, as well as Live Gold, the legacy service that enables access to online multiplayer.

The price cut will apply to both console and PC users in those areas. “Microsoft regularly evaluates the price of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold at a local level to best serve customers in each country. These price adjustments were informed and based on local market conditions in each country,” a spokesperson for the company said.

The new prices are as follows:

  • Game Pass in Chile: 5,990 Chilean pesos, down from 7,990
  • Game Pass in Israel: 27.99 shekels, down from 37.99
  • Game Pass in Hong Kong: 59 Hong Kong dollars, down from 79
  • Live Gold in Chile: 6,990 Chilean pesos, down from 8,990
  • Live Gold in Israel: 27.99 shekels, down from 37.99
  • Live Gold in Hong Kong: 59 Hong Kong dollars, down from 79
  • Game Pass Ultimate in Chile: 7,990 Chilean pesos, down from 11,990
  • Game Pass Ultimate in Israel: 39.99 shekels, down from 54.99
  • Game Pass Ultimate in Hong Kong: 79 Hong Kong dollars, down from 119

Meanwhile, the price for both services will remain the same in the United States, United Kingdom and other major markets. In the US, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate goes for $15/month and includes Game Pass and Gold, as well as access to games from EA Play and support for Xbox Cloud Gaming on console and PC.

Game Pass price cut

Video Games Chronicle reported hints about a potential Game Pass price cut in various regions as far back as June, with Liz Hamren, VP of Xbox Experiences and Platforms, saying “We need to innovate to bring our games and services to more people around the world. And we’re investigating how to introduce new subscription offerings for Xbox Game Pass.”

“The point is that we’re being creative and dynamic in thinking about how to deliver the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet across devices, geographies, and financial realities.”

In recent news, Marvel’s Avengers has recently gotten the okay to debut on Xbox Game Pass this week, adding a somewhat beleaguered service game to the subscription service. Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg also confirmed that the highly anticipated RPG Starfield will be arriving to Xbox Game Pass as a permanent Xbox exclusive.