Game Pass Family Plan reportedly in the works at Xbox

Microsoft is slated to unveil a new option for Game Pass enthusiasts to share their subscription in the form of a Family Plan.

This report comes from Jez Corden of Windows Central, who says that the all-you-can-game subscription service that lets subscribers access hundreds of games for one monthly fee, will soon be shareable among multiple users in the same household. Currently, Game Pass can only be shared by users of the same console with the subscriber serving as a host account.

The existing Family Account settings would provide the foundation of this Family Plan, allowing the central account to manage up to five users accessing the subscription. If this pushes through, it’ll be a boon to households with multiple players that want to maintain separate profiles to keep their saves, track their progress and accrue their own achievements and Gamerscore.

A Family Plan would be in line with comparable services provided by Nintendo with its Nintendo Switch Online family subscription and similar features for video streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+. A Family Plan would also eliminate the need to pay for multiple Game Pass subscriptions in the same household, saving dozens of dollars.

As a pioneer in the games as a subscription service model, it’s likely that many obstacles needed to be figured out in order to put a Family Plan into motion. While Microsoft keeps details of its deals with developers and publishers secret, it’s known that royalties and fees are negotiated individually with engagement metrics playing a factor. For a Family Plan to be implemented, Microsoft and its Game Pass partners would need to redefine the nature of these payouts.

Corden says that Microsoft is set to unveil the service sometime this year, but what pricing structure or model it intends to use for the Family Plan remains uncertain. Whether it is an exclusive part of Game Pass Ultimate and / or it stacks a fee on top of the separate Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass is not known, only that the ideal is to make it cheaper than paying for separate accounts per user.