Frostpunk on console gets all the seasonal DLC

I really dug Frostpunk way back when it was released in 2018 on PC, so I’m happy to see people enjoying it on console. Frostpunk has been on Xbox since 2019 and while it’s received all the quality of life updates and special scenarios that were on PC, it’s only now that the DLC has been added to the Xbox store via the Season Pass.

The new DLC are The Rifts, which was originally released in August 2019; the prequel scenario The Last Autumn, released January 2020; and the sequel scenario On The Edge on August 20, 2020. To celebrate, Frostpunk: Console Edition is currently 60% off on the Xbox store for a limited time.

“When we thought about additional content, we set two goals,” writes Bartosz Sobolewski of Frostpunk developer 11 bit studios. “To broaden the lore, since we put a lot of emphasis on the narrative side of the game, and deliver new gameplay mechanics. This approach made all expansions distinguishable not only from the base game but also from each other.”

In a blog post for Xbox Wire, Sobolewski talks about the work that was put into the DLC, particularly the ways they added to gameplay and asked the team to reimagine and rethink certain assumptions about Frostpunk. The Last Autumn was the most complex, he said because it “felt like flipping the table” by changing the game’s core visual elements. “Green leaves replaced white snow, and since we never imagined Frostpunk without it, it proved to be more challenging than just changing the weather.”

He noted that because of the massive amount of bespoke art assets and custom systems that made up Frostpunk, actually implementing the “prequel” concept was working with something that wasn’t as flexible they would’ve liked. One example is the addition of red rooftops, which before were largely obscured by snow. Another is the addition of docks that had to be faithful to established visual identity.

“Staying close to an already paved visual identity does not mean restraining creativity,” Sobolewski concluded. “Knowing your game boundaries can stimulate it even more. That happened during The Last Autumn development, and we think of it as a huge achievement for the 11 bit studios art division.”