Fortnite gets Gears of War drop featuring Marcus and Kait

Fortnite has accumulated an immense catalogue of characters and among the next ones to drop are from Gears of War. Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz are now available for pick up on the Fortnite store as part of the Delta-One Set.

Other Gears of War-themed items included in the drop are three pickaxes, The Breaker Mace, The Thumper and The Butcher Cleaver. A Windsail Skiff Glider is also included, as well as some Back Bling: Marcus gets a Sonic Resonator while Kait gets Reyna’s Pendant. Gears of War-themed sprays and a “Knife Trick” emote are also available and they’ve included some quests to round it all out.

It’s too bad the update doesn’t include some of Gears of War’s iconic guns like the Lancer. Even as back bling, these would have been great to have. Hell, just having an emote where you use the chainsaw on a Lancer would have been cool.

If you’re one of the lucky few who play on an Xbox Series X or S, you’ll be treated with Marcus Fenix’s Matte Black Style as well as Kait Diaz’s Winter Orange Style for playing on the latest gen of Microsoft consoles This is akin to a previous promotion that Master Chief had when he was released on Fortnite, sporting his own Matte Black Style.

These are definitely great additions to Fortnite and will surely make any Gears of War fan pick the Delta-One pack. But I, like most folks, think Fortnite could definitely have more Gears of War stuff. These are just a start, I would have wanted a Carmine and Cole skin too. I mean they didn’t even use Jack as a Glider, that would have been way better than the skiffs! Glad to have Marcus and Kait join the Fortnite family, here’s hoping at some point we see the Cole Train in the game too.