The groovy Ash Williams of Evil Dead joins Fortnite this Halloween

The next character coming to Fortnite is Bruce Campbell! Err, sorry no, it’s Evil Dead’s Ash Williams! 

It’s been quite the busy year for the Evil Dead franchise and it looks like they’re not quite done yet. Earlier this year, Evil Dead: The Game launched and sold 500,000 copies within 5 days alone. Now, Ash Williams has just been seen joining the ranks of Agent Jonesy and Peely in Fortnite as part of the upcoming Fortnitemares event.

Fortnitemares Trailer:

In the latest Fortnitemares trailer, Ash Williams was part of the new upcoming skins to be included in the latest Halloween event. Fortnitemares 2022 will feature the usual spooky Halloween themed skins along with a new Halloween boss. Howler claws will be available for use, which lets players use the “Wolfescent Ability” to help track nearby enemies through a heartbeat indicator that beats louder in response to prey.

Data mining searches suggest that players will be able to pick up Ash and everything he comes with through the Knowby Cabin Nightmare set, which may feature Ash’s skin, his Boomstick or the Necronomicon as Back Bling and his iconic chainsaw hand as a Pickaxe, the “It’s a Trick!” emote and the “Hello, Henrietta” loading screen. 

Fortnite Ash Williams

However, news on the Fortnite X Evil Dead crossover is pretty tight at the moment so it’s unclear if Ash Williams will get more emotes, or if he’ll have Bruce Campbell’s voice for Fortnite. We’ve also no news on the official release date on when the skin and bundle will be out, but it will most likely be sold during the upcoming 2022 Halloween event which is expected to last until the end of October.