Forspoken gameplay trailer pits Frey against a dragon

At the March 2022 State of Play livestream event for PlayStation, Square Enix and Luminous Productions showed off some Forspoken gameplay. The footage demonstrates protagonist Frey wielding a mix of acrobatics and magic while fighting fierce foes, emphasizing Forspoken’s graphical ambitions and spectacular effects.

We still don’t know a lot about the game’s story outside of the fact that Frey is a young woman from contemporary New York who gets her butt isekai’ed into the fantastic realm of Athia and now longs to find her way home. Of course, she gets drawn into Athia’s problems including the tyrannical rule of the Tantas.

What developer Luminous Productions seems more keen on showing off is the game’s wild traversal, aerodynamic combat and fantastical spell effects. There’s a fight against a dragon that looks like it will test a player’s command of magical parkour and spell attacks to overcome.

The new gameplay footage drops the same week we learned that Forspoken was being delayed to October. While it looks like a fairly standard action game — soft of FFXV turned to eleven — I’m still not feeling Forspoken, despite my desire to root for any game that features a young Black femme as its lead.

Forspoken gameplay

Hopefully there’s more we haven’t seen yet that will truly help the game stand apart from other action games as Square Enix appears to be pinning hopes that this will be their next big franchise. For that to happen, it will take a lot more than pew pews and over the top graphics.

Forspoken is officially set to release on October 11, 2022. Like many of the games that were shown off at the State of Play, Forspoken is being billed as a marquee release for the PlayStation 5, but will actually be coming to other platforms such as Windows 10 PCs via the Microsoft Store.