For Honor announces crossplay in time for Year 6

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Sharpen your swords because crossplay is coming to For Honor, Ubisoft’s mish-mash medieval brawler. Crossplay has been one of the most requested features for Ubisoft’s knights-vs-samurai-vs-vikings fighting game, and it’s finally coming with the game’s Year 6.

An Ubisoft blog post explains the rollout plans for cross-platform play, which will come in two phases. Year 6 Season 1 will see Phase 1 of the crossplay rollout on March 17, bringing together the player pools of PC, Xbox, and Playstation together for PVP and PVE mode matchmaking, which should vastly expand the player pools for everyone on all platforms.

Phase 1 crossplay will have some limitations, as players can only group with players on the same platform, and crossplay games will have the built-in voice chat disabled. PC players can still use in-game text chat, but this won’t be visible to console players. Players can manually opt-out of crossplay, but this will almost certainly tank your matchmaking times. Phase 2 will introduce cross-platform grouping across all activities, as well as cross-platform custom matches, but there’s no clear timeline for its rollout yet.

The For Honor dev team decided that the expanded player pools brought on by cross-platform matchmaking was enough of a game changer to roll it out immediately for Phase 1, and I’m inclined to agree. Fighting games like For Honor live and die by the churning meta built by a broad player pool coming up with inventive tactics and honing their skills to a razor’s edge. Crossplay broadening the player base would be a welcome addition, whether you’re looking for a challenging match, or a game night with friends on different game consoles or desktop.

For Honor crossplay

For Honor’s full crossplay should include PVP and PVE game modes, excluding Campaign Mode, Training, Custom Matches (Phase 1 only), Arcade, and Ranked Mode.

Ubisoft has said that back end code and technical limitations have long held back any attempts at crossplay, but unspoken is the fact that platform barriers have long been kept up artificially, much to player detriment. From the player side of things, it’s been great seeing artificial platform barriers collapse, with crossplay bringing friends and players together for more great games.

Released in 2017, For Honor is Ubisoft’s gritty medieval fighting game where players can take on the roles of knights, samurai, or vikings and engage in one-on-one duels or pitched battles for total supremacy. Soon, Xbox users will be able to take the field against with and against players on PC and PlayStation.

For Honor is available on the Microsoft Store for Xbox consoles and is also free to play for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass. Earlier this year, the game expanded on its roster by introducing a new Pirate hero, which signals the beginnings of a new faction called The Outlanders.

Source: Ubisoft For Honor Blog: Crossplay FAQ