For Honor adds new pirate hero during free weekend

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A new hero has arrived in For Honor to coincide with a free weekend and the final seasonal update for Year 5. Play as a swashbuckling Pirate, armed with cutlass and pistol!

You can pick up the new Pirate Hero in a bundle that includes one exclusive Ornament, one Elite Outfit, seven days of Champion Status and three scavenger crates. But if you don’t have the spare cash to get the bundle, you can also unlock the Pirate on February 10 using 15,000 Steel, the game’s premium currency.

To celebrate the launch of the new title update, For Honor will be having a free weekend until January 31 on all major platforms. Access is provided to the Standard Edition of For Honor, which includes Story Mode, Multiplayer Game Modes, 30 Heroes and 30 Maps. Once the free period is over and you find yourself purchasing the game, your progression is carried over.

For Honor fans can be rest assured that Ubisoft will continue to support the tactical action hack and slash game all the way into its sixth year. A roadmap for Year 6: Lost Horizon has been laid out, which begins on March 17 and guarantees another steady stream of updates.

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Year 6: Lost Horizons will feature a new narrative that starts with the arrival of a new group of heroes, the Outlanders. The Pirate is the first from the Outlanders and they carry with them relics they’ve collected across their travels. The relics will uncover “lost horizons and forgotten mythologies of Heathmoor.” They will be unveiled one by one throughout the year.

Other additions and changes being made to the game include “Hero Skins,” which will allow players to overlay a completely different cosmetic layer onto their character, while letting them retain their perks and additional refinements to hero balancing to accommodate the incoming heroes and a competitive scene that will only get tougher.