Oops, FIFA 23 was playable on Xbox consoles for nearly an hour, weeks ahead of release

FIFA 23 was accidentally playable on Xbox consoles for about an hour earlier today, despite the fact that it is not slated for release until the 30th of September.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition owners have reportedly been able to play the game due to some kind of technical error. The issue appears to be that a portion of those people who have pre-ordered that edition of the game who were part of a recent beta test had full access to all of FIFA 23’s game modes after updating their beta code.

Those lucky enough to benefit from this mistake began showing off the game on social media. Some even chose to livestream the game on Twitch, such as one user whose channel was quickly scrubbed and terminated once EA and Twitch caught wind of their streams. Through this leak, folks looking forward to FIFA 23 effectively got a massive look at the game.  

One of the main points of interest were player states for the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, as stats, team rosters and the new gear that these footballers wear. Fans of the series continue to post their findings on the game on social media despite risking action from these various platforms and/or EA itself.

FIFA 23 Xbox

EA was able to fix this glitch quickly though, and any folks who wanted to get in on the breach can no longer access it. Fans of the series won’t have to wait too long, as the game will be out within 30 days. Ultimate Edition owners can start three days earlier, on the 27th of September, as a pre-release bonus and those who own an EA Play / Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription can try out the game within its 10-hour trial period in late September.

FIFA 23 will be available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.