The Mighty Thor, the female God of Thunder live now in Marvel’s Avengers

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Jane Foster, the female God of Thunder known as The Mighty Thor arrives today in Marvel’s Avengers. Prior to launch, Crystal Dynamics posted a “deep dive” as part of the Marvel’s Avengers War Table series, detailing the many ways the Mighty Thor is similar and different from her male counterpart, Odinson.

Coming from an alternate timeline where Odinson gave up the hammer after A-Day, the Mighty Thor arrives in this game’s timeline via space-time distortion brought about by the tachyon storms that have played a regular part of the post-game narrative. As the Mighty Thor, Foster wields Mjolnir with remarkable finesse.

All-Mother’s Blessing is the Mighty Thor’s new Intrinsic, which charges up via melee combos. God’s Tempest is her Overcharge, which increases the ranged damage of Mjolnir and adds a shockwave to each hit. Her Ultimate Heroic is the All-Weapon, which sends Mjolnir flying around to slam enemies while she summons an additional Undrjarn, protecting her from damage as she continues to fight.

The female God of Thunder is a welcome addition to the roster of Marvel’s Avengers, in that it increases the number flying characters to three, alongside Iron Man and the main reality Thor, Odinson. The Mighty Thor is a crucial addition to a game that has not seen a new character join its roster since August’s Black Panther. Excepting of course, November’s PlayStation exclusive addition of Spider-Man.

Crystal Dynamics assures players that more content is in the works for Marvel’s Avengers, despite worries that the game’s official support may come to an end following the acquisition of the studio by The Embracer Group from Square Enix. In a blog post, they confirmed a villain-centered Warzone is in the works ” that will reveal M.O.D.O.K.’s fate after the defeat of his Kree Sentinel.”

Mighty Thor Avengers

This upcoming Warzone is set to pave the way forward to the long-promised Omega Level Threat, the AIM Cloning Lab, which introduces a revitalized M.O.D.O.K. as an actual multiplayer villain fight (as opposed to the scripted “team fight” from the main campaign). The fight will provide brand-new exotic gear rewards.

Marvel’s Avengers is available on the Microsoft Store for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and is currently part of Game Pass.