Far Cry 6 next DLC puts Joseph Seed in his third Far Cry

This Tuesday on Far Cry 6, the final chapter of Far Cry 6’s villainous DLC trilogy will be released and let you play as Joseph Seed, the faithful but deranged preacher from Far Cry 5. Joseph: Collapse was originally slated for March, but goes live a month earlier than expected. The DLC will arrive for those who own the Season Pass, which is included in the Gold and Ultimate Editions of Far Cry 6.

Like the previous Far Cry 6 DLC, Vaas: Insanity and Pagan: Control, you play as an iconic villain from a previous Far Cry installment. This time you’ll play as Joseph Seed, Far Cry 5’s main antagonist in a twisted version of Hope County, Montana. This will mark the third Far Cry game for Joseph, as he also played a central role in 2019’s Far Cry New Dawn.

Far Cry 6 Joseph DLC

Joseph: Collapse continues the trilogy’s devotion to a roguelite experience that blends the action and storytelling that is signature to the Far Cry series. In effect, the DLC gives players an opportunity to get under the layers of Joseph’s twisted mind as he faces off against his former cult followers and inevitably confronts the members of his “family:” Jacob, Faith and John.

Players can also play the DLC in co-op via the Buddy Pass. Owners of the Season Pass can invite other Far Cry 6 players (on the same platform) to join them in the Joseph DLC for some mayhem, even if the invited friend doesn’t own the DLC.

And to celebrate the launch of the DLC, Far Cry 6 will have discounts of up to 40% off to all editions in digital stores and owners of Far Cry 6 can receive 25% off on the Season Pass which includes all the previous DLCs including this one.

You can get the Season Pass to obtain all of the current and previous DLCs released before which includes all three of the villainous roguelite experience from the past Far Cry games.