Bethesda celebrates 25th anniversary of Fallout with retrospective video series

Fallout is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and publisher Bethesda is marking the occasion with a retrospective video series on the iconic post-nuclear role-playing franchise.

Fallout Retrospective – Conceiving Fallout Video:

The first video, “Conceiving Fallout,” just dropped and takes a look back at the first couple of games and the folks from Black Isle Studios who conceptualized and created Fallout, long before Bethesda had its hands on the franchise. Division director Feargus Urquhart, original producer Tim Cain, original artist/designer Leonard Boyarsky and executive producer Brian Fargo all share their thoughts on working on the first Fallout.

Boyarsky recalls when Tim Cain was the director at that time, “He knew that he wanted to make an RPG where the player had a lot of choice in what they did. And we, I think as a group, came up with the idea that you could talk or fight or steal your way through the whole game, which was kind of a revolutionary idea in those days.”

Cain described Boyarsky’s work to be dark and gloomy, and told him that, “If we make this game, I don’t want it to be all depressing. There’s got to be a humor to it.” Cain continues, “And that turned out to be something he calls, ‘The Special Sauce’. Because we ended up with this world that’s funny, but morbidly fun.”

Fallout video series
A little overkill

The original concept was something that came to Boyarsky during long drives to work; it was an “idealized 1950s future that had an apocalypse happen to it”. Cain added that Boyarsky asked the question of, “What if we did what the 1950s thought what the future was going to be like?” This concept then evolved and eventually, (after big robots, flying cars and everything being atomic powered), the ideas came together to form Fallout, an adventure through an irradiated wasteland.

More installments of the Fallout video series are supposed to follow, but in the meantime, Bethesda has several other things going on to celebrate. You might have missed out on last week’s free-to-play days for Fallout 76 but Amazon Prime members can redeem Fallout 76 for free on the Windows Store. Fallout 76 players can redeem one month of Fallout 1st for free through Game Pass Ultimate and Fallout games and purchases are discounted across multiple digital storefronts.