The Fallout TV series from Amazon will tell an original story

Todd Howard spoke in an interview this week with AI researcher and podcaster Lex Fridman, where he answered one of the biggest questions about the upcoming Fallout TV series in development for Amazon Prime Video. 

The question is whether or not the show will depict some of the stories from an existing game in the franchise. And it looks like it’ll be a fresh new experience for all fans of the Fallout series. “It’s not retelling a game story,” Howard said. “It’s basically an area of the map. Let’s tell a story here that fits in the world that we have built, doesn’t break any of the rules, can reference things in the games, but isn’t a retelling of the games.”

“It exists in the same world but is its own unique thing,” continued Howard. “So it adds to it, while also people who don’t/haven’t played the games, who can’t experience how crazy cool Fallout is, can watch the series.” The video interview takes a while to go through, so here’s a handy timestamp of when Howard talks about the show.  (2:32:00)

Howard also noted previous times when he was approached about adapting the Fallout universe.  “When people wanted to make a movie, they wanted to tell the story of Fallout 3 or tell the story of Fallout 4, and it was meh,” he explained. They would have had to condense the entire Fallout experience in a 2 hour period and Howard wasn’t excited at the notion.  

And then, they came to a decision and said, “Hey, let’s do something that exists in the world of Fallout,” which ultimately led to a TV series with Amazon instead of a movie.  “I don’t want to spoil it, but when people see it I think they’ll just be like ‘wow.’”

Amazon Fallout

That’s quite the assurance for those looking forward to watching a Fallout series. I’ve been a fan of the series since the first two games from Interplay and Black Isle. I’m looking forward to whoever Walton Goggins is playing and whatever he does. However, the Halo TV show set a pretty low bar for video game live action adaptations. So, while I am indeed interested, I am tempering my expectations.