Fable 4 is a reboot in development for four years now

Playground Games director co-founder

Playground Games has plenty to celebrate now that Forza Horizon 5 is out and racking up praise from critics and players but they’re also working on Fable 4, a reboot of the venerable fantasy series. According to a recent tweet from one of the studio’s lead engineers, the next Fable has been in development for over four years now.

Tom Gaulton, a lead engineer at Playground Games, posted a tweet marking “another year of service” at the studio as a “valuable member of the team” saying that it’s been “4 years of working on Fable.” This tweet marks the first sign we’ve gotten as to how long the game has been in the works at Warwickshire-based English studio. Fable 4 was announced as a reboot back in July 2020.

Since the reveal, much secrecy has been maintained around the game, and it will be the first mainline entry in the franchise since the release of Fable III in 2014. That excludes spin-offs like Fable II Pub Games, Fable Heroes, the Kinect release Fable: The Journey and the short-lived free to play digital card game, Fable Fortune.

The series was launched by Lionhead Studios back in 2004, under the leadership of famed designer Peter Molyneux, creator of Dungeon Keeper and Populous. Lionhead had been working on a multiplayer 4v1 experience called Fable Legends for a few years, with loads of art assets and gameplay made public, until the project was unceremoniously cancelled and the studio shut down.

Playground Games has made a name for themselves under Xbox Game Studios as the franchise lead for Forza Horizon. The studio’s latest release is considered the series’ best yet, but we have yet to bank in significant hours to publish an official review. That aside, we’re incredibly intrigued by the return of Fable, which should be interesting when it resurfaces whenever.