Exoprimal is a 5v5 vs dinosaurs co-op shooter from Capcom

Capcom has announced a new game called Exoprimal, a brand new IP that casts players as exo-suit wearing badasses fighting against dinosaurs.

The game is set in the near-future of 2043. And out of nowhere, these dimensional rifts called Vortexes appear out of thin air across the globe with dinosaurs pouring out of them seemingly by the hundreds. These prehistoric creatures started attacking cities and people causing a dino crisis (heh) for humanity. 

Fortunately, humanity is prepared: Aibius Corporation’s next-generation AI, Leviathan, has made it possible to predict where these reptilian outbreaks occur, much like how weather is predicted in a forecast. You’ll play as an Exo Fighter, part of a team of five in which you don an exo-suit to stem the tide of these saurian swarms.

Exoprimal is an online, cooperative, action brawler/shooter and Capcom paints it as a tactical team-based game where each suit fills a particular role to round out your team. The game provides your standard trio of roles; that being Tanks, Supports and Assaults. The trailer has shown at least 6 Exo Suits but only 4 of them have been named on the website. Roadblock, Witch Doctor, Zephyr and Deadeye.

The main game mode is called Dino Survival, a 5v5 coop mission. It’ll have a variety of PVE and PVP missions and the team that finishes these tasks first, wins. Missions vary depending on player skill and other factors so no two matches will end up the same way. Your success hinges on your adaptability to the situation, so being able to switch your Exo Suit on the fly is a welcome feature.

Judging the game by its trailer, it looks like the gameplay is a mix of Bioware’s Anthem and Valve’s Left4Dead. While the notion of fighting dinosaurs using exosuits sounds ridiculous, Capcom has done a good job of presenting the game in an interesting way. It’s a fresh enough concept as I can’t tell you the last time I saw a game about exosuit fighters versus dinosaurs. (“By contrast, think about the number of co-op or team-based games that feature zombies.” – ed)

This announcement has also drawn out fans of the late 90s cult classic Dino Crisis. Ever since Resident Evil 2 and 3 got remakes for the previous and current generation of consoles, there has been clamoring for Capcom to give Dino Crisis the same treatment. But with the announcement of Exoprimal, there’s very little chance of that, as it’s rather doubtful that CAPCOM would be working on two different dinosaur based titles at the same time.


The trailer for Exoprimal does show a lady resembling Dino Crisis’ protagonist, Regina. She sports the same athletic physique with short red hair. Dino Crisis also has time traveling shenanigans involving dinosaurs so while it might be a stretch, that appears to be enough to fuel fever-dream conspiracies that Exoprimal might be connected. Fans will have to wait and see if Capcom has any more surprises about Exoprimal.  

Exoprimal is slated for release in 2023 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. We’ll keep you updated when it makes an appearance on the Xbox Store and The Microsoft Store or more information is made from official channels such as the game’s official website.