Evil Dead The Game adds Ruby, Eligos mission and more according to dataminer

It’s no secret that Evil Dead The Game is missing a few iconic characters from the beloved franchise. However new information suggests that Saber Interactive is already working on adding Ruby Knowby from the TV series Ash vs Evil Dead to the roster.

A dataminer under the name of @LeaksofSumeria has found references to Knowby and her Demon Spawn hidden within the files of the game, indicating that Saber Interactive is already working on her. These references take the form of voice lines from various survivors such as Pablo, Ash and Kelly for when they kill Ruby.

Played by Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess), Ruby Knowby is one of the main characters to appear in Ash vs. Evil Dead; fans of the series may have been puzzled that she wasn’t initially included in the game, but these datamined voicelines show she’s always been part of its content plan. Saber Interactive may have not had enough time to implement her into the game before the game’s Friday the 13th launch.

Fans have speculated that Ruby would be part of the Survivor’s team in Evil Dead, due to the menu screen showing three empty slots, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for her to be on the Demon side. We’re only going off of data mined information at the moment so none of it is assured until an update lands.

Evil Dead Knowby

Another set of images datamined by @LeaksOfSumeria suggest that a mission where Eligos possesses Kelly will be coming. Ash Williams from the Ash vs. Evil Dead looks to be holding a shopping list for Chicken, Leeches and Holy Water; possibly to cure Kelly’s possession.

Lastly, a hunter perk makes reference to a whole class of heavy weaponry that includes a flamethrower, minigun and harpoon gun. The models for the weapons seem to exist within the game’s files and are nearly finished but they may or may not even be coming out to the game. It is unclear as to whether these were intended for future seasons or were scrapped during development.

Evil Dead The Game has been a rousing success for Saber Interactive and The Embracer Group, having crossed half a million units in sales in less than a week. It is available on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.