Evil Dead The Game sales hit over 500,000 in just under a week

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The sales of Saber Interactive’s latest, the asymmetrical horror game Evil Dead The Game hit more than 500,000 units in just 5 days from its release date of Friday the 13th. The news comes from the Embracer Group’s quarterly report that was streamed yesterday, at around the 25:58 – 26:18 minute mark at the video.

CEO of Saber Interactive, Matthew Karch says, “One of the highlights we have in this quarter is actually we released Evil Dead last Friday. And this was a game that was our first developed and published title for Saber’s new publishing unit, and we’ve released– we’ve sold approximately 500,000 copies of this game in five days.”

The sales figure also reflects the fact that the game was released across all major gaming platforms with crossplay capabilities, ensuring easier access for those looking to get into the game with their friends. So no matter what system your friends are rockin, you can be sure that you and your friends can have a “groovy” time together. A new Map is on its way too, coming this late summer, and it’ll be based on Castle Kandar from the third Evil Dead film, Army of Darkness.

Evil Dead Game sales
Concept art for the upcoming Castle Kandar content for Evil Dead The Game

That being said, the Embracer Group looks to be having success in investing in classic IPs with how sales for Evil Dead The Game turned out. Given that the Embracer Group just acquired a nice stable of Square Enix IPs for a cool $300 million, they might be able to help the likes of Tomb Raider and Deus Ex get back into the gaming spotlight.

Speaking of asymmetrical horror games, Dead by Daylight just had its 6th anniversary broadcast stream and you can read my post about some of the highlights.