Everything we know about Elden Ring, pre-E3 edition

Everything we know about Elden Ring
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Everything we know about Elden Ring, officially speaking, is limited to a single announcement trailer at E3 2019. That’s all we’ve had to go on from a premise that is basically dark fantasy cat nip for gamers. It’s by the people behind Bloodborne, collaborating with the guy who created Game of Thrones and um, it looks really dark and operatic.

Fans have even taken to inventing their own lore for the game, according to a report from Polygon. Staff writer Cass Marshall reported, “There’s a whole host of excellent games to play in 2019, but some fans have abandoned existing video games in order to collectively imagine and celebrate an entirely fictional Elden Ring.”

What Is Elden Ring?

Made in collaboration with Game Of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, From Software’s Elden Ring is being developed under the creative leadership of Hidetaka Miyazaki. The game effectively unites one of the pioneering forces of dark fantasy literature with one of the most prestigious creators of hardcore action role-playing games.

Much of the game’s world and lore remains shrouded in mystery, and while some leaks have emerged since 2019, they should be taken with a grain of salt and not as confirmation of what will be in the final game. Miyazaki did say that Martin provided the game’s overarching mythos, which “proved to be full of interesting characters and drama along with a plethora of mystical and mysterious elements.”

When Is Elden Ring’s Release Date?

The hope and dream of every Elden Ring fan — don’t look into the subreddit unless you want the bright and intense light of their passion to suddenly blind you — is that the game comes out in 2021. Since From Software hasn’t confirmed a release date, a 2021 release hasn’t been ruled out, but be prepared for the game to be pinned for 2022 and beyond instead.

According to Christian Pepito from our sister site Sirus Gaming, the game’s reveal and release date have been delayed by publisher Bandai Namco in response to the leak of marketing and promotional materials such as gameplay footage. Pepito also noted in an earlier report that complications arising from COVID-19 led to a delay from 2020 to 2021.

What To Expect At E3

Everything we know about Elden Ring points to a reveal later for the game at the start of the Summer Games Fest. Already outlets like Forbes and Screen Rant are fanning the flames of possibility that the new Elden Ring material will be unveiled at the event’s kickoff. So assuming these people aren’t just jotting down their sweatiest fever dreams, tonight is the soonest you can expect Elden Ring at E3.

I would counter that if any appearance is to be made by Elden Ring it would be at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase later this week. From Software first revealed the game at Microsoft’s E3 2019 presser, so an Xbox event seems like the most logical place to unveil it fully and give the showcase some much needed sizzle whether or not Starfield or Halo show up.

Where Will Elden Ring Launch?

Elden Ring is currently being developed for launch on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. That’s the official word. One can assume that the game is also being developed to scale up for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, but the specifics of that have yet to be confirmed.

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