Ereban Shadow Legacy is a magical stealth game in a high tech world

One of the surprises at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase was Ereban Shadow Legacy, a magitech stealth action game from Barcelona-based developer Baby Robot Games and publisher Raw Fury.

The trailer shows off a cel-shaded North African inspired sci fi environment taken over by patrolling robots pitted against the game’s protagonist, Ayana, the last descendant of a forgotten race.

You’ll prowl the streets using Ayana’s shadow-based stealth abilities and high tech gadgets, dissolving into clouds of shadow as you slide past nooks and crannies while trying to avoid searchlights and illuminated robot vision cones. Nifty stealth kills and traversal puzzles exploit the Ereban’s shadow magic abound, with the players able to shift between shadow and corporeal forms to ride across cargo rails, or drift across the shadows on walls, dancing in the patterns cast by rotating fanblades.

Ereban Shadow Legacy

We don’t know much about plot yet, besides what seems like a robot takeover of the area led by the megacorporation Helios, and Ayana chasing her past and a revenge plot in the post-apocalyptic setting. Ereban Shadow Legacy is set to launch in 2023. When it does it will be available for PC and Xbox consoles, with a day one release on Game Pass.