Elite Dangerous: Odyssey update addresses big problems

Elite Dangerous expansion on hold

The new Elite Dangerous: Odyssey update doesn’t just come with many, many bug fixes but critical improvements to address its most heavily criticized areas: performance and UI.

Odyssey gives players the much-requested ability to step outside their ships and jaunt around the surfaces of strange new worlds, but it quickly acquired a “mostly negative” rating thanks to nearly 3,000 negative reviews deriding inconsistent performance and smattering of bugs and recurring crashes. All of this despite a month-long paid alpha prior to launch.

The user antipathy was so strong, that Frontier Developments CEO David Braben issued a personal apology on the game’s official forums “to those who have been suffering from these problems” and assuring them that the reported issues was the studio’s “top priority and focus,” pointing to the imminent release of another hotfix to address these bugs and “bring further stability” to the game.

Elite: Dangerous Odyssey update should address its biggest issues

The first major post-launch patch arrived last week, addressing key balance issues and applying bug fixes to audio and visual improvements. And now the second Elite Dangerous: Odyssey update is available and features more extensive adjustments such as a large amount of bug fixes, while attempting to address aforementioned performance and UI issues.

It will take a few days to see how effective this update is and to what extent they provide real solutions to previous problems. The most disconcerting thing to note right now is that despite promises of improved performance, plenty of users haven’t really seen a notable boost to frame rates. The game appears to be crashing less, so there’s that.

In any case, it’s good to see Frontier moving quickly to address issues. Personally I wouldn’t really give every company this much latitude, but the studio deserves some benefit of the doubt given past responses to community feedback and critical issues, not just for Elite: Dangerous but for other games they’ve developed.

“Thank you once again for your continued support and constructive feedback,” Frontier says in its patch notes, “as the teams continue working hard to improve the Elite Dangerous player experience.”

Elite Dangerous is available on Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass for PC sans expansions. It can be purchased along with the Odyssey expansion on Xbox, Steam, Epic Game Store and PlayStation.