Elden Ring preloads are now live on Xbox

Preloads for Elden Ring has gone live for players on all Xbox platforms, just a little over a week ahead of its February 25 release date.

Players who have pre-ordered Elden Ring can start downloading From Software‘s highly anticipated open world action role-playing game for their Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. And for those who purchase the game now right now from the Xbox Marketplace, they will automatically be prompted to begin the preload process.

Elden Ring will take about 49GB of your storage space, which isn’t too bad considering many modern AAA titles now take up almost 100GB of storage. While it’s unclear if the game will need a day one patch, you can at least cross out a lengthy install process by preloading the game ahead of time.

Elden Ring preloads

Elden Ring’s gameplay follows in the spirit of Dark Souls and other From Software titles. Players are expecting a game that rewards precision and mastery and demands players learn through failure . That being said, director Hidetaka Miyazaki has said that he believes that the completion rate for Elden Ring will be higher this time around compared to previous From Software games.

No word has dropped as to when preloads for Elden Ring will start on other platforms, but rumor suggests a possible February 23 pre-load date. Just two days before the release date. So sharpen your blades and preload that game. Do it for Glaive Master Hodir.

Once again, Elden Ring finally launches on February 25, 2022 after having moved up from its previously announced release date of January 21. It will be available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on the Microsoft Store.