Dying Light 2: Stay Human will rise this December

Techland announced a release date for Dying Light 2: Stay Human and it’s December 7, 2021. The game has been subject to several delays and was originally set for launch on early 2020. This information confirms our previous report.

The Polish developer announced the game at E3 2018 and showed off some expansive gameplay footage in 2019. The footage emphasized the signature parkour action that defined its predecessor, as well as its brutal combat, while also directing attention to the impact that player choice would have on the game’s open world. Like the first Dying Light, there will be a day and night cycle which affects enemy behavior.

The game will send players to “the City,” described as “mankind’s last stronghold in the fight” against the viral infection that turned the population of Harran in the first Dying Light into the zombie like creatures known as the Infected. Players will take on the role of a new protagonist, Aidan Caldwell, who joins up with the Nightrunners, a group of survivors from the City.

The original Dying Light was released more than six years ago, which started out development as a follow-up to 2011’s Dead Island. Some of the concepts that Techland explored in the project differed considerably from the vision that publisher Deep Silver had for Dead Island, to which it held full control and rights to. Techland split off from Deep Silver and released the game under Warner Bros. Interactive.

And while it’s been a long wait for Dying Light 2, having a release date is reassuring for those who ahve already given up hope on ever seeing a Dead Island 2. Officially speaking, Dead Island 2 remains in development under Deep Silver, but there’s no solid idea as to how the sequel will shape up and when it will be released.

For those who haven’t previously played Dying Light, Techland has a new Dying Light Platinum Edition bundle featuring the original game and over thirty pieces of downloadable content. It’s currently 75% off for $25 after which it will revert back to a price of $99 and is available on Xbox and Windows 10 PC on the Xbox Game Store as well as on Steam, GOG and PlayStation.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human will launch December 7, 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and PlayStation 4 and 5.

Source: Dying Light Official YouTube