Double Fine boss says games are cooler than movies

In an interview, Double Fine studio boss Tim Schafer said games are cooler than movies.

Speaking to IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey after being named recipient of the Andrew Yoon Legend Award by the New York Videogame Critics Circle, Tim Schafer said that while he often fields offers to turn one of his studio’s games into a movie or series it usually amounts to nothing.

“We often get approached by people saying, ‘Hey, can we turn this into a movie?’ but, you know it’s usually just a distraction,” Schafer said. “I think games are what I really care about and what I like to make and what I think are interesting. It comes up every once and a while, but it’s never turned into anything. I’ve had a lot of free lunches out of Hollywood.”

These questions from McCaffrey aren’t coming out of nowhere. All the critical praise directed towards the studio’s most recent release, Psychonauts 2, has reignited discussion of the potential the IP has for movie and TV. Schafer admitted the potential for the Psychonauts IP, but said, “Games are cooler than movies and TV, so it’s already peaked.”

And just recently, director Duncan Jones (Moon, Warcraft) spoke about his interest in helming a movie based on Full Throttle, the biker adventure classic from LucasArts that Tim Schafer directed and later remastered at Double Fine. Jones even wrote an entire script but you shouldn’t place any bets on that future. “That was exciting,” Schafer said. “It would be fun to work with Duncan but, you know, L.A. and Hollywood, they are just a big whirlpool of lunches.”

Double Fine movies

While there are no plans for any Double Fine movies or series anytime soon, one property has run through the Hollywood development gauntlet. 2010’s Costume Quest, and by extension its 2014 sequel Costume Quest 2, was adapted by Frederator Studios into an animated series that launched on Amazon Prime in 2019. Fourteen episodes were produced and according to Schafer, it doesn’t appear that more will be made.

Meanwhile, plenty of video games projects are in the works for film and TV. Just recently, it was reported that It Takes Two could be adapted for a movie or show, while a long in development Halo TV series starring Pablo Schreiber, Natascha McElhone and Yerin Ha is set to premiere on Paramount+ on March 22.