Dirt 5 will power your memes with the Xbox Fridge

Xbox isn’t going to let a well-received joke go apparently, as it won’t stop with the Xbox Fridge until it wears out its welcome. That’s the case with Dirt 5, which welcomes the meme cooler today.

The “Power Your Memes” pack is available as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks and lets you add the fridge in the game’s Playgrounds mode. That means you can use the iconic refrigerator “as a trackside landmark, an obstacle to drift around, a huge prop to jump over, or whatever you can think of.”

Like other Game Pass Ultimate Perks, the fridge and all other “Power Your Memes” content is only available for Xbox and Microsoft Store versions of the off-road racer. That’s too bad as I was seriously considering uploading screenshots of the fridge signed “#PS4Share” this week.

The Xbox refrigerator was brought into being by Microsoft in response to various memes comparing the look and design of the Xbox Series X to a household appliance most frequently used for storing energy drinks like [[sponsored energy drink brand here]]. They created an actual fridge and sent it to celebrities like Snoop Dogg and iJustine. Mini-fridges were also sent to Dwayne johnson to give away.

The Xbox Fridge in the “Power Your Memes” pack is just as ginormous as the real thing and menacingly huge when you see it alongside a BMW M2 or a Volkswagen Beetle. The pack also adds three new liveries. If anything, the pack will let us live the dream of the Xbox Fridge while we wait for Microsoft to make good on the promise they’ve made to sell mini fridges available to the rest of us.

If anything, I hope this means the start of more Xbox fridges in games. Like, I dunno make the Fridge the next playable character in Operation 8 for Gears 5.