Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph features the return of an old ally

Mere hours before Destiny 2’s Season 19 was scheduled to go live, Bungie dropped a story trailer for the latest narrative arc, the Season of the Seraph. Facing the imminent threat of the Witness, the Guardians of the Last City race to reawaken the Warmind Rasputin, the most powerful artificial intelligence that golden age humanity ever created. The season trailer gives us a taste of what’s to come, along with a slew of previews and teasers over at the Season of the Seraph webpage.

The Guardians will have to slip behind enemy lines to hidden BrayTech facilities in a race against the Xivu Arath, Hive Goddess of War as they seek to stop her Wrathborn from seizing control of Rasputin’s Warsat defense network. The trailer teases the new Heist Battleground mission type, with what looks like movement puzzles against a network of sentry towers, as well as swarms of Hive foes.

The trailer also features a sizzle reel of Guardians donning the Season’s new armor sets and weapons, as well as a look at the new Manticore exotic weapon, a zippy looking Veist SMG with a venomous roar. Perhaps most intriguing, we’re given a peek at a Braytech space station reminiscent of the one from Beyond Light’s Deep Stone Crypt raid, but with a skybox showing it orbiting above the Traveler and the Last City. The trailer closes on a creepy new Exo frame that appears to house the sleeping Warmind.

Destiny Season Seraph
The Manticore Exotic SMG

In addition to all the seasonal gear that comes with the latest story arc, the Season of the Seraph website also gives us a peek at new goodies coming our way, from Assassin’s Creed-themed armor ornaments thanks to a collaboration with Ubisoft, as well as new Arc-themed armor ornaments, the Rose hand cannon reward as part of the new Crucible Competitive Division, and another look at returning Iron Banner armor sets from Destiny 1.

Guardians don’t have to wait to get started, as the Season of the Seraph is now live and will run from December 6 to February 28.