Destiny 2 broke the Telesto, but that’s probably intentional

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Destiny’s infamous Telesto is broken again; or is it? Avid Telesto zealots fans have noticed that after the weekly reset, the notorious gun is acting significantly different from usual. However, the change feels a bit deliberate.  

When I caught wind of the news, I pulled out my own Telesto and found out that it was now smoking with some lights blinking and sparks flitting about at the rear of the gun. Originally, the Telesto shot fast, sticky bolts that exploded after a few seconds. Now, it shoots slow moving void bolts that ascend up to the sky instead. Thankfully, the gun isn’t actually stuck with this new firing mode. After a quick slap, by holding down the reload button, the gun “fixes” itself to work normally. 

Destiny Telesto
The “It’s Broken again” Bundle

For those not in the know, Telesto is probably one of the most, if not the most, bugged Exotic Fusion Rifle to have ever existed in Destiny history. So much so that there’s even a dedicated website just to track the timeline of when it was last broken, all the way back to its days in Destiny 1. Telesto has become sort of an inside joke to the community, in that the Telesto is what remains when all the bugs that can be removed, has been removed. 

Bungie even poked fun at the gun’s history of bugginess this Season of Plunder with the release of the “It’s Broken Again” bundle, which packs a Telesto inspired Ghost Shell, Sparrow and Ship. They even went so far as to put the gun in the hands of Banshee-44, Destiny’s resident gunsmith at the Tower, to “fix” it. Funnily enough, after they changed Banshee-44 to be holding a Telesto, it also caused a bug where Guardians who approached him would have their games crash. 

Upon the conclusion of the Festival of the Lost ending, Destiny 2 has entered its last few weeks of the season before the next one comes. There will be no more events until the next season arrives and it is what some folks would call a “content drought”. Destiny 2 players are notoriously hungry for content; so much so that they entertain themselves with conspiracies about the most obscure changes in the game. 

One of the first few people who caught wind of the change to Telesto was Forbes’ own Paul Tassi. Tassi believed that there would be a community event after the weekly reset, but there was nothing; at least nothing too obvious. Until he found out about the changes to Telesto. The man went on to fire shots up into the sky, thinking they were constellations, and the Destiny community followed up on it and sent screenshots to help him out. 

After a day of research, which was probably just firing the Telesto at the sky for maybe a little over one or two hours, Tassi concluded that the firing pattern was just probably random. There was not a lot to go on with this mystery. People needed something more to latch onto, but then last night’s daily reset happened, greeting players with this:

Telesto greets you

In a grand change of pace, Telesto has “taken over” the official Destiny Twitter feed. This may or may not be an actual community event, but we’re all fairly certain that these changes to Telesto were deliberate. For now, Bungie Devs are looking into this Telesto mess, or at least they appear to be keeping tabs on the community. For now, we just have to wait and see. I have a feeling there’s more coming soon.