Destiny 2 Season Of The Lost is a little bit busted

It’s been an exciting week for Destiny 2 fans, with Season of the Lost setting up the events of next year’s Witch Queen expansion, but it’s also been a troublesome one thanks to myriad issues players are experiencing.

Like any major update, Season of the Lost brings a fair number of changes and content to the Destiny 2 experience, but it’s also introduced a whole bunch of problems that are making some activities a bit, how you say, eh, broken. Mucho broken.

Some of the new seasonal activities are glitching out, which makes some of them require multiple attempts to complete. When that happened, I basically had to just do over the activity to complete it. And let me tell you, when playing the game off Xbox Game Pass, a service that is hardly starving for new distractions to dangle before you, patience wears thin.

Public events are also subject to this bustedness. Some event indicators get stuck on the UI, counting down to 00:00 and then just staying there forever. One of the mainstay publics of the game, the Fallen Walker occasionally spits out a dozen orbs instead of a few.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost

Another thing I’ve not experienced but I’m hearing of is the Prophecy Dungeon drops are now glitched. Some people are getting Trials of the Nine weapons, specifically people who weren’t playing Destiny 2 when Trials of the Nine were a thing. But players who were able to add those weapons to their collections? They get nothing. The Prophecy Dungeon is basically no rewards for them.

As for me, some of the new activities are beyond my comprehension. Mostly because I am dumb, but also, glitches. Perhaps I need an actual Destiny 2 veteran who has the keenly trained littlse gray cells to understand how Destiny 2 design works to hold my hand through these, but glitches make it difficult to parse what I should be doing and when I’m going about things right or wrong.

I’m very excited to get into Destiny 2 again, if only because my partner and I have resolved to do a bit of crossplay PvE together for some gamer quality time, but otherwise I can’t recommend it right now and suggest most players wait a day or a week before really going all in.