The new season of Destiny 2 is live and it’s the Season of Plunder

The Destiny 2 Showcase is over and Bungie delivered plenty of surprises and stuff to look forward to — next year’s Lightfall expansion, the return of an iconic raid and some backend updates to the game — but right now they can already get started on the Season of Plunder.

What is the Season of Plunder, and what treasures does it hold?

The Season of Plunder takes Destiny 2 and leans it very heavily into old timey pirate themes. That’s quite a surprising turn for the game, even when you consider that information what Bungie has been cooking up for Destiny 2 leaked early on.

The story of this season begins with Eramis breaking out of her Stasis Prison. Now she’s at large with some old pirate lords of Eliksni legend and they’re looking for some buried treasures. And if she wants them, then the Guardians want them too. Our old pal Drifter has plans and it looks like we’re teaming up with Mithrax and his crew to swipe these treasures before Eramis gets her icy hands on them. 

Like we’ve previously mentioned, players will be getting revamped Arc subclasses for their Guardians. Just in time too, because we’re going to need all that electricity to stop Eramis and her pirate crew on the new 6-player activity, “Ketchcrash”.

Destiny season of plunder
This is my BOOMSTICK!!

Before that though, players must gather information, assemble treasure maps, dig for treasure and run it all back to the ship while fighting off Eramis’ pirate crews in the new 3-player activity, “Expedition.” Eramis has also assembled a tough crew of pirate lords who own some powerful relics hidden within their hideouts, and like how Drifter encourages us to be “Bad Guys” we’ll go raid these hideouts for their loot. 

Armor sets and weapons with a pirate theme, albeit fused with Destiny 2’s unique space fantasy vibe, have also been added to the game so that players can look the part as they loot and plunder Eramis’ forces. 

In celebration of the new season, Bungie is giving Guardians some extra Arc-themed loot to help them out in their new pirate adventures throughout the sea of stars with the “Gift of the Thunder Gods.” The chest can be found at the HELM and it contains a curated list of arms, armor and exotic gears that should help you start out in Destiny with the new Arc 3.0 changes.

Destiny season of plunder
Gift of the Thunder Gods

This new season brings way more than just pirate booty though. Bungie has also announced that Destiny 2 is heading over to the Epic Store and with it, has teased us with some collaborative skins for Fortnite and Fall Guys. In Destiny 2, Guardians can purchase Fortnite themed skins to add to their collection. Not only that, players can also claim the 30th Anniversary pack for Free on the Epic Games store starting now up till the 30th of August.

Destiny 2 is going strong and the updates look brighter than the Traveler’s light. Me and the rest of my Fireteam are looking forward to the new season as well as what comes next in Lightfall. 

Destiny season of plunder
Cat Ears!

Destiny 2 is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.