The latest trailer for Destiny 2 Lightfall reiterates its commitment to vaporwave

Bungie is giving us another look at the vaporwave cityscapes of the latest Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall, with a trailer debuting at the Game Awards.

The newly awoken warlock, Osiris, leads us through the start of the new Lightfall trailer, musing on power, loss and overcoming the impossible as Guardians scramble through the rooftops of the hidden Neptunian city of Neomuna. As the Guardian takes an Assassin’s Creed-style leap of faith from a rooftop, we’re treated to a sizzle reel of action shots from the new expansion, as Guardians in retro cyberpunk style armor sets fight their way through neon-lit streets, to the tune of Des Rocs’ “Used to the Darkness.”

We get more action shots of Lightfall’s new baddies: the Shadow Legion of the Disciple Calus, as well as the imposing Tormentors. Guardians can expect to take the fight to the forces of the Witness with an arsenal of new weapons, and most importantly, a new power source, the mysterious green Strand.

The Game Awards trailer gives us a highlight reel of each Guardian class unleashing the powers of the Strand in different ways, whether to leap across enormous gaps, suspend targets in mid air, unleash sweeping close combat blows, or a withering barrage of seeking projectiles to clear the field of Shadow Legionnaires.

We’re also given a tease of a gigantic space battle, the powers of a Tormentor, and another fleeting glimpse at a Cloudstrider, the mysterious allies you’ll come into contact within the walls of Neomuna.

Lightfall trailer

All in all, it’s a pretty exciting teaser for Destiny 2 players as the game begins the heist-themed Season of the Seraph, a narrative arc setting us up for the beginning of Lightfall and the final showdown with the mysterious Witness. We don’t have long to wait, as the expansion is currently scheduled to launch on March 2023.