Destiny 2 goes full vaporwave with the Lightfall expansion trailer

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Bungie’s Destiny Showcase event has just wrapped up and brought us a trailer for next year’s Lightfall expansion releasing next year on February 28. The Lightfall trailer is absolutely oozing with vaporwave vibes and what feels like callbacks to a neon-lit 80s retro futurism aesthetic. This time around, the Guardians are coming to Neptune and the hidden city of Neomuna, where a secret enclave of humanity, untouched by the Collapse, fights a new battle against the forces of The Black Fleet and The Witness.

The Guardians of the Last City will take the fight to The Witness’s newest Disciple, Emperor Calus, and his Shadow Legions, mighty Cabal warriors enhanced with the power of Pyramid technologies. The forces of the Darkness are also bolstered by a new enemy type, the Tormentors, hulking foes reminiscent of the titanic (and absolutely fabulous) Rhulk from the Witch Queen expansion’s Vow of the Disciple raid.

Destiny Lightfall
Strand-wielding Guardians square off against the Shadow Legion

The Guardians will be fighting an urban guerilla war in the neon cityscapes of Neomuna with the help of new allies, the Cloudstriders, who look to be Neptunian humans wielding Golden Age tech in defense of their secret enclave. Along the way, players will be able to pick up new abilities to take the fight to Calus, including the mysterious new Darkness energy type called the Strand, wispy green tendrils attuned to conscious thought and psychic energy. Guardians will wield the Strand in new subclasses, the Architect Warlock, Threadrunner Hunter, and the Tyrant Titan, each bringing new supers and abilities into play, as well as grapnel-style traversal mechanics in-line with a lot of modern action shooters.

Destiny Lightfall

The Destiny Showcase also delivered a ton of reveals, including the 19th story expansion season, the pirate-themed Season of Plunder, which sees Guardians traveling to the Reef to meet a reawakened nemesis. The Bungie team also showcased a wealth of in-progress changes, including a frequent player request: gear loadouts, as well as a new Guardian Ranks progression system for helping expose players to mechanics, and systems like post-match Commendations to give shoutouts to fireteam companions in order to help encourage social play.

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion will debut on February 28, 2023, building up to the cataclysmic finale of the game’s Light and Darkness saga in The Final Shape.