Raid favorite King’s Fall makes its way to Destiny 2 this week

Today on the 2022 Destiny 2 Showcase, Bungie made a number of announcements — next year’s Lightfall expansion, the new Season of Plunder and more — but one that might go over the heads of those new(er) to Destiny is the return of King’s Fall, the biggest and most iconic raid in Destiny history.

Introduced as part of the Taken King expansion for the original Destiny, King’s Fall saw Guardians dive into Oryx’s flagship, the Dreadnaught to do battle with the Taken King himself. Players battled a variety of Hive and Taken foes, as well as several bosses such as the daughters of Oryx and the Hive Ogre known as Golgoroth.

For hardcore fans of the original Destiny, Taken King unleashed what was known as a golden age for that game, and a turning point for players who were becoming increasingly disenchanted by Bungie‘s shared world shooter and became an iconic part of Destiny history.

The return of King’s Fall will mark the second time a Destiny raid has made its way into Destiny 2. The previous one was the 2021 return of Vault of Glass. Like Vault of Glass, King’s Fall will likely receive a number of changes to modernize it and bring it more in line with the current design ethos that Bungie applies to Destiny 2.

Of course, the most exciting aspect of the arrival of a new raid is the World’s First race, in which any and all fireteams are dared to complete the raid before anyone else. The same parameters for Vault of Glass’ World’s First applies to King’s Fall. Players must first beat it while under leveled via “Contest Mode” and then beat it a second time.

Destiny King's Fall

World’s First is a community tradition and a serious endurance test for even the most dedicated and persevering Guardians. King’s Fall is significantly longer than Vault of Glass, so expect many players to lose a lot of time (and sleep) in their attempt, starting August 26.