Destiny 2 crossplay – how to find your friends

Tell your friends, tell your enemies and tell your family: Destiny 2 crossplay is finally here. Launching with Season of the Lost, a prologue to the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen, crossplay is what many Destiny 2 fans have always wanted: the ability to play with friends on other platforms regardless if they are on Xbox, PC or PlayStation. Here’s how Destiny 2 crossplay works and how you can start playing with your friends.

How to add Destiny 2 friends from different platforms

After logging into Destiny 2, go to the menu and select the “Roster” tab. From there, scroll down to the envelope logo to bring up the system for crossplay invite and add. You will see three columns and a search box above the tab for “Fireteam Invites.” Type in the unique Bungie name and four number code into the search bar. From there the system should find your friend and let you add them to your friend’s list.

Destiny 2 crossplay

Additionally, any friend requests sent to you will appear in the “Bungie Friend Request” column in the center.

Take note that some players are experiencing issues right now. Because the servers are likely overloaded with a large volume of friend requests and people trying to log onto the game, you may experience freezing, crashing or outright failure to recognize names you input. Try again in a day or two and I’m sure everything will even out and the feature will become easier to use.

What restrictions are there on using Destiny 2 crossplay?

Broadly speaking, there are no restrictions for the kind of content you can crossplay with. You can even form clans across different platforms. Yes the very first multiplatform joint Guardians treaties are being established right now on Destiny 2. So if you’ve been waiting to discover Destiny 2 with buddies or teach the game to newbies on Xbox, PC, or PlayStation now is the time.