Death’s Door from Titan Souls devs coming soon

Death's Door
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Death’s Door is a top-down action game that invites comparisons to Legend of Zelda but with greater demand for precise moves and a charming, gothic cute aesthetic. Developer Acid Nerve, the crew behind the brutal souls-like Titan Souls have been working on it for awhile and the game made an appearance at the Devolver Digital presentation.

A new trailer was dropped at the publisher’s weirdo showcase — this year titled, Devolver MaxPass Plus — and honestly, I was really surprised when it came with the announcement that the game would be releasing for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on July 20. That’s in just a few weeks! That’s crazy, I thought this game would be out later than sooner.

Death’s Door features some speedy action and casts you as a adorable crow reaper who has been tasked with confronting a world where death no longer happens. The story begins with a stolen soul and takes you through a world “where creatures grow far past their expiry and overflow with greed and power.”

In terms of style and gameplay, it looks absolutely wonderful, and I think it will definitely appeal to people who live in the intersection of loving dark, gothic things and adorable other realm stuff. Sort of the place where fans of Hayao Miyazaki and Tim Burton reside.

Earlier this week, during a Day of the Devs stream, producer David Fenn spoke about the game’s inspirations and the things they focused on getting right. “Our background is in tight, 2D pixel art action, and we’ve been careful to maintain the responsiveness of this,” said Fenn. “The world is fully explorable, and is entirely handcrafted. All of the characters and enemies you meet have memorable, twisted designs as well. Death’s Door has plenty of high-octane action, but it’s equally about discovering the secrets of its unique setting and unravelling this mysterious story.”

Once again, Death Door will arrive on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on July 20, 2021 and is already available for pre-order.