Deathloop director is now head of Arkane Studios

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The Lyon headquarters of Arkane Studios has a new boss and it’s Dinga Bakaba, the creative director behind the critically acclaimed Deathloop. Bakaba’s appointment follows the departure of Romuald Capron last month, who said he was leaving the studio after 16 years to spend more time with his family and “try something new.”

During the transitional period in between the announcement of Capron’s resignation and his actual official departure, Bakaba shared leadership duties with Morgan Barbe (executive producer) and Hugues Tardif (technical director) but the official announcement has been made that Bakaba will fully serve as studio director.

Bakaba has been with Arkane since 2010, with major design credits on Dishonored, its sequel Dishonored 2 and its standalone expansion Death of the Outsider. Bakaba also worked with sister studio MachineGames to direct Wolfenstein: Youngblood. As stated, Bakaba was the creative director of Deathloop, a rogue-like immersive sim-style murderfest that launched as an exclusive for PlayStation.

Deathloop director

The exclusivity for Deathloop was signed before Microsoft acquired parent company Bethesda, and will presumably end sometime next year and is expected to be made available on the Xbox platform.

Deathloop received positive reception across many critical outlets, and our sister site PlayStation Galaxy shared similar sentiments in their official review by Leif Rey Bornales, in which he wrote: “Deathloop is a satisfying game of cat and mouse,” and recommended it “to casual and veteran players alike as it offers a lot to anyone who just wants to have an enjoyable and fun experience.”

In addition to his responsibilities as studio head, Bakaba will continue to serve as co-creative director with Sébastien Mitton (art director).