Death Stranding will be the first Kojima Production on PC Game Pass

It’s official: Death Stranding is coming to PC Game Pass. Wander the wilds of a post-apocalyptic America gone weird and deliver crucial supplies to reconnect the survivors of a broken world in Kojima Productions‘ open world delivery simulator and acti on adventure which arrives on the subscription service on August 23rd.

The news was teased all week on the PC Game Pass Twitter account, with profile pictures and images showing scenes from the game. 505 Games made it official, with a press release highlighting the game’s star studded cast and infamous developer. While 505 is saying that this version of Death Stranding will have all the features of the Steam and Epic Game Store versions of the game, it appears that this won’t be the Director’s Cut of the game, meaning sans the extra material and quality of life features from that release.

There’s speculation that possible console exclusivity deals between Kojima Productions and Sony (note that Death Stranding isn’t coming to Xbox consoles yet) and blocking fees will keep the Director’s Cut off Game Pass for the foreseeable future, leaving just the vanilla release on PC Game Pass. Though “just” probably doesn’t do justice to what is still by all accounts a sweeping open world experience that’s also accompanied by a healthy serving of Hideo Kojima‘s worldbuilding and his distinctive brand of weird.

Death Stranding Game Pass

The PC Game Pass version of Death Stranding will include ultrawide and high frame rate support, a new difficulty mode, photo mode, crossovers with a number of franchises such as Valve’s Half Life, and a number of exclusive in-game unlocks.

Set your clocks for 5pm Pacific time on August 23, which is when Death Stranding is expected to go live for subscribers to PC Game Pass.

In related news, Kojima Productions has entered into a strategic partnership with Xbox to develop a “completely new game.” Hideo Kojima said at this year’s Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase that this next game will as previously rumored, use the power of “Microsoft’s cutting-edge cloud technology.”