Dead Space livestream will show off remake in-progress

Dead Space remake

A Dead Space livestream offering fans an early look at development “and what goes into the remake of a game” will be given by Motive Studios, the Montreal-based EA developer that is working on the Dead Space remake. In addition to announcing the stream on Twitter, Motive also re-shared the minute-long trailer from last year.

Now I’m not much of a Dead Space fan, but there’s no denying that minds were blown for devotees of the survival horror franchise when EA announced last year that a shiny new gen remake was in the works. Despite that, not a lot information has surfaced about the Dead Space remake, that is until Friday, March 11, 2022 at 6 PM GMT when the livestream goes uh, live.

So far, we know the upcoming game will be a full remake of the 2008 survival horror title meant to “reinvigorate” the franchise. Motive Studios has confirmed they are using the Frostbite engine to develop the game, the same technology that currently powers the Battlefield franchise and has been used for games like Star Wars Battlefront and the Madden NFL series.

According to the press release, the remake will be also add “improvements to gameplay, while staying true to the original.” EA Motive senior producer Phillippe Ducharme stated that the remake will also “modernize” the original game, making it approachable for both new and returning players while also ensuring it is optimized for current-generation platforms.

You can read more about everything we currently know about the Dead Space remake here although we will be updating that page with new information following the developer livestream. This won’t be the first developer livestream though. Last August, Motive Studios gave a one hour presentation that demonstrated lighting, smoke effects and the franchise’s signature dismemberment gameplay.

The Dead Space remake is rumored to launch by the end of 2022 exclusively for PC and the latest generation consoles.