Dead by Daylight anniversary stream hypes Attack on Titan and Resident Evil content

Dead by Daylight had its 6th Anniversary broadcast stream giving us plenty of news regarding the upcoming update such as the continued collaboration with Resident Evil and a teaser for Attack on Titan content.

A new chapter is on the way with the title of Roots of Dread. It’ll feature a new Killer, a new Survivor and a new map to go along with the new chapter.

The new killer, The Dredge, looks to be an amalgamation of flesh, bone and sinew that has all kinds of body-horror going about reminiscent of Dead Space’s Necromorphs. The Dredge can teleport throughout the map through lockers scattered around the map and slowly engulf the map in darkness to limit visibility for survivors.

The new survivor, Haddie Kaur, is making her long-overdue game debut in Roots of Dread. A character that’s mainly only seen in flavor text in the past, Haddie Kaur possesses the unique psychic ability to perceive dimensional “bleeds” which show links between our world and the realm of the entity.

The new map is the Garden of Joy. It’s based on an average American suburb that features a woodland maze and a single solitary, ordinary house. Creative Director Dave Richard describes it as follows: “It’s the type of town we have seen in countless novels, movies and other mediums”. Don’t let the pristine exterior fool you though. Once inside, you’ll know just how twisted and unnerving the truth is, just like the residents of the town.

Dead by Daylight also has a new collaboration with Resident Evil on the way called Project W, but there doesn’t seem to be any solid info on what’s to come however. Speculation is that Albert Wesker will be the new killer with Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as survivors for the collaboration. I just hope that when there’s Chris in the game, we’ll hear Wesker yell out “CHRIS!!”

The new Resident Evil chapter follows on from last year’s addition of Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine as survivors, and Nemesis as the killer. The associated map, Raccoon City Police Department, faced some issues however, and was not available for a while after launch. However, the map that came as a part of the chapter, Raccoon City Police Department, came with various issues and was not available for a while after launch.

Behaviour Interactive also teased an Attack on Titan collaboration in the works. No images or gameplay shots were shown yet during the stream but an Attack on Titan collection of outfits for both survivors and killers are indeed an interesting if not weird mash of different IPs. Here’s a link to that moment.

But the weirdest moment, was when Behavior Interactive confirmed a Dead by Daylight dating sim that’s coming to Steam later this year. Called Hooked On You, it’s being developed by Psyop, the same team that made last year’s KFC dating sim, I Love You, Colonel Sanders!

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil

Hooked on You will feature The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith and The Spirit in summer outfits possibly looking to have that summer dream dating feel with you! That being said, I hope the skins also get released in the game as well, the summer outfits look amazing on these killers.