DC Studios says videogames will be part of one cohesive DC universe

Last month, it was revealed that Warner Bros Discovery had tapped The Suicide Squad director James Gunn tapped TV veteran Peter Safran to head up DC Studios, the newly rebranded production group that will oversee television, animation and film productions and also videogames under the DC brand.

In a recent report by Deadline, it was revealed that video games will be a part of that mandate. A global Zoom meeting was held for Warner Bros Discovery employees where CEO David Zaslav expressed their shared excitement for the upcoming restructure and plans “to build a bible for a cohesive DC universe, one that is overarching across live-action films, TV, animation, gaming and more.”

The mention of gaming expands DC Studios oversight beyond series and features, and fans took to Twitter to ask for clarification and/or confirmation. When asked whether there were plans to connect videogames with the DC Extended Universe, Gunn simply answered, “Yes.”

We initially thought the scope would only extend to TV, Movies and Animation; but this time, gaming has been mentioned as well. Fans took to twitter to get some clarification and Gunn simply answered “Yes.”

Gunn’s quick response does not elaborate on whether there will be a dedicated universe for the DCU video games that can co-exist with established properties, such as the Batman Arkham series or the Injustice fighting games from Netherrealm Studios. But the potential for multiverses to collide or have cameos from each other sounds amazing if done well enough. 

While it may sound like Gunn will be putting his hands on everything that Warner Bros puts out that is DCU related, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that the comic books will be affected. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Gunn has planned for the DCU since it’s still too early to tell. 

DC videogames

It remains unclear how Gunn and Safran will execute their vision for a more unified DC media empire that includes videogames. It’s safe to assume that this won’t apply to the recently released Gotham Knights, which received lukewarm reception, but in our opinion remains one of the only good multiplayer co-op action adventure games centered around the Batman universe; if you’re not counting Lego Batman.

However, there remains plenty of time to figure out how their vision will apply to future games such as Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League from Arkham Knight developer Rocksteady and Wonder Woman, from Shadow of Mordor developer Monolith.