Cris Tales is a gorgeous JRPG coming to Xbox Game Pass

Cris Tales is a “love letter” to JRPGs that’s coming to Xbox Game Pass. Publisher Modus Games announced the game way back in E3 2019 and confirmed it for Game Pass a few months later.

In the years since, I’ve played the game as part of the Steam Game Festival demo in 2020 and really liked it! Screenshots can’t do it justice. It’s got a unique, dynamic art style and I hope the story — which stars a chronomancing sword maiden named Crisbell — is as thrilling and epic as promised by the demo.

So many games end up being announced as coming to Xbox Game Pass, so I was a bit dismayed to see some trailers and press release make no mention of its inclusion to the subscription service. As we drew closer to the July release date, I was legit worried that Modus and Microsoft had decided not to push through with the arrangement.

But this week Xbox’s Major Nelson reminded us that the game is not only up for pre-order but will definitely be added to Xbox Game Pass on launch day. That’s right, on July 19, Game Pass subscribers will get a whole-ass JRPG from Colombian developer Dreams Uncorporated for free (not counting the associated subscription fee of Game Pass.)

The game’s big mechanic is the use of time powers to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, as well as apply them to combat. Crisbell and her companions will stride the world with the past on one side and the future on the other. Together they’ll embark on a fantastical journey across a dark, fairytale world whose future looks grim.

Cris Tales arrives on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S on July 19. It will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass. The game also launches on Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PlayStation consoles and can be purchased on PC via Steam, Epic Games or Already you can pre-download the game but it won’t be playable until 3 weeks from now.