Chinatown Detective Agency is coming to Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass May 2022
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Chinatown Detective Agency is a cyberpunk noir game set in Singapore, and its coming to Game Pass. It’s a point-and-click adventure game that wears influences like Rise of the Dragon and Carmen Sandiego on its sleeve.

I’ve played the demo of the game whenever I can during digital events like 2020’s LudoNarraCon and I’m excited to see a cyberpunk game that’s actually set in Asia – Southeast Asia specifically – when too many cyberpunk games merely co-opt the aesthetic and culture of Asia without much care or sensitivity.

Chinatown Detective Agency

That demo is a three-part prologue that introduces players to Amira Darma, private investigator, as she uncovers the traces of a global conspiracy. Players research and investigate to solve mysteries, all while managing several cases to keep their agency in business. It’s all about Darma’s drive to uncover the truth in a world on the brink.

Chinatown Detective Agency is being made by Singaporean development studio General Interactive Co. under the leadership of one Mark Fillon, and they’ve been diligently working on the game for some time now, tidying up some of the glitches and issues seen in previous demos and carefully adding in some professional voice acting, the latter of which is the subject of their latest vid from the March 16 ID@Xbox showcase.

Actress Leonie Koh voices Amira Darma. Koh gave her insights into the character while new gameplay footage played out, treating us to some neon noir pixel atmosphere. “From the get-go, I thought she was like femme fatale, hard boiled, badass, cool,” says Koh of Darma. “The vibe was like Pulp Fiction, Sin City … that was what I put into Amira.”

The new video also marked the confirmation that Chinatown Detective Agency would be coming to Xbox via Game Pass. General Interactive Co.’s take on a near future cyberpunk Singapore will arrive on multiple platforms, but could find a bigger audience as part of the subscription service.